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26th May 2020  Content supplied by: Hamilton

Manage Multiple Automated Storage Systems from a Single Interface

As part of an ongoing cooperation, Hamilton Storage and Titian Software announce that Titian’s Automated Stores (AMS) control application now connects Hamilton Storage automated storage systems to Titian’s Mosaic sample management software. Using this integrated system, users can easily and efficiently manage multiple automated storage systems from a single interface.

The AMS control application is compatible with the following Hamilton Storage automated storage systems:

  • SAM HD – High-density model with low to medium capacity and a sample storage temperature of –80 ºC

  • Verso® – Standard and high-density model with medium to large capacity and a sample storage temperature range from ambient to –20 ºC

  • Verso Q20 – Our newest and most compact high-density model with a sample storage temperature range from ambient to –20 ºC

The integrated system is vital to boost efficient logistics and sample management in research and development facilities. Constant, real-time activity monitoring means no unauthorized access or lost samples, and the complete sample’s history may be output for use in auditing situations.

The logical user interface makes it easy to search for samples by small-molecule batch, cell line passage cycle, expiry date or many other user-specified parameters, and users may specify the picked sample layout for enhanced convenience. Samples may be remotely requested and scheduled, including priority ordering, along with real-time progress updates. Finally, streamlined error handling enables rapid diagnosis and resolution so that research may proceed unimpeded.

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Date Published: 26th May 2020

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