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24th May 2016  Content supplied by: Biofortuna Ltd.

Lyophilisation Services Boosts Revenue for Biofortuna

Biofortuna Ltd has announced a record year of growth for its IVD Contract Services division. This growth has been driven by the expansion of its service portfolio, together with increased demand for its core lyophilisation services.

Biofortuna’s success stems from its specialist freeze-drying expertise and proprietary cryo-preservation technologies, allowing the stabilisation of complete PCR, isothermal amplification and immunoassay reactions into instantly soluble freeze-dried pellets. This lyophilisation technique provides a simple solution for ambient temperature shipping and storage, and offers single-step set¬up protocols for end users.

The success of this approach has led to significant expansion of the company’s ISO 13485 accredited and FDA registered services, which now include contract research and development, lyophilisation, air-drying, manufacturing, dispensing and kitting of diagnostic products. Its analytical stabilisation offerings have also been extended, with the addition of Karl-Fischer titration and DSC instrumentation.

Over the next year, Biofortuna plans to further expand its customer base by investing in state-of-the-art immunoassay manufacturing facilities. Dr Simon Douglas, Biofortuna CEO, commented: “I’m delighted by the performance of our Contract Services division. This success is a testament to the quality of the services we offer, and I look forward to further growth over the next 12 months.”

Biofortuna currently offers molecular diagnostic products for HLA disease identification and HLA pharmacogenetics, and is currently developing a range of real-time blood group genotyping kits.


Date Published: 24th May 2016

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