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11th November 2019  Product update: Paul Carton

Long-Read Sequencing Interrogates Every 16S HVR in the Microbiome

The long wait is over. Loop Genomics has released a Long-read sequencing service that can interrogate single continuous 16S molecules (v1-v9) for a highly affordable price. This long-read, full-length 16S Microbiome sequencing service, with improved chemistry, is so accurate it even has strain-level precision.  

Loop’s technology uses barcodes that are unique to each DNA molecule, and this allows short Illumina reads stitch together into long reads. This sequencing service has applications in plant, animal, and microbial genomics.

Full V1-V9 region data with phasing is not possible with short-read sequencing kits. This long-read sequencing service can sequence each 16S molecule, V1-V9 in a sample, and phase each molecule.

Along with this improved technology, Loop Genomics is the first company to offer low-cost metagenomic kits that lets you run both regular and low biomass samples together in their 16S and 16S/18S microbial genomics kits. Through long-reads, de novo assembly, and consensus error correction, these kits are capable of delivering species results from low biomass samples.


What you get with Loop's Long-read 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing Service 

  • Sequence of the full-length 16S​ rRNA gene
  • >99% of unique 16S molecules assigned at the species or genus level
  • Accurate organism abundance measurement
  • 40x lower error rates than Illumina or PacBio platforms
  • Easy-to-understand reports and raw data
  • 4-week turnaround time
  • Highly affordable pricing
    • $38/sample for 200 samples​
    • $20/sample for 1,000 samples


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Date Published: 11th November 2019

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