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6th October 2017  Content supplied by: rqmicro AG

Legionella Analysis in 2 Hours Including VBNC Detection with rqmicro

rqmicro AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, develops and markets proprietary reagents and innovative instruments for rapid microbial tests in water. rqmicro uses the great potential of microfluidics to deliver a product, that allows for separating target cells from various sample matrices with high efficiency, using immunomagnetic separation (IMS).

Immunomagnetic separation & microfluidics

Legionella detection using magnetic separation of cells

The rqmicro CellStream instrument automatically isolates and purifies Legionella cells labelled with magnetic particles. As the cells pass through a narrow channel on a microfluidic cartridge, they are immobilized by a magnet. At the same time more than 95% of the competing flora is directed to the waste fraction. In a final step, the Legionella are eluted in clean buffer. This positive fraction can be analyzed with a standard flow cytometer.

In addition to a recovery rate of more than 80% and a sample purity of more than 95%, the rqmicro testing method also offers the opportunity to quantify viable but non-culturable Legionella. The procedure protects the cell structure and allows for subsequent analysis not only with a flow cytometer, but also for plating or for DNA and RNA extraction.

CellStream and flow cytometer workflow The workflow consists of only four steps: concentration, labelling, automatic separation on a cartridge and the analysis.

Workflow for rqmicro Legionella test

Advantages of CellStream and Legionella test kit: Speed

  • Separation, concentration and purification of Legionella in 1 - 2 hours


  • Superior monoclonal antibody pools
  • Detection of viable but non-culturable Legionella

Easy handling

  • Adaptable to any matrix
  • Flexible integration into any workflow
  • Compatible with flow cytometry, PCR, cultivation method, microscopy, etc.

The following kits are under development:

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Giardia spp. and Cryptosporidium spp.
  • E. coli O157
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria

The vision of rqmicro is that consumers worldwide benefit from water and food which is free from microbiological contamination. A crucial step towards realizing that vision is to detect various pathogens in a quick and accurate way. This is why rqmicro’s team developed a technology that delivers quantitative test results at an unmatched speed. rqmicro’s customers using the rapid microbiological test platform benefit from significant financial benefits and at the same time contribute to making the world a safer place.

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Date Published: 6th October 2017

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