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5th January 2017  Content supplied by: 

LabElite® Offers New Efficencies for Sample Decapping, Capping and Identification

Automated decapper capper identificationHamilton Storage have upgraded their LabElite® DeCapper and I.D. Capper, and their LabElite I.D. Reader for continued workflow efficiencies in tube-based sample management.

A 6-channel head enables use of 24-well tube racks on the LabElite DeCapper and I.D. Capper in addition to 48- and 96-well tube racks. A wide variety of internally or externally threaded microtubes, cryovials, and specialty tubes such as those for spit collection, can be rapidly decapped and capped so that laboratories can work with tube volumes and types that are most appropriate for their specific application needs.

The compact LabElite I.D. Capper adds an extra layer of efficiency and space-savings by combining decapping/capping and high-speed 2-D barcode reading without the need for additional hardware.

The LabElite I.D. Reader now features ColdScan technology to quickly and accurately scan tube racks directly out of a freezer without compromising sample integrity or risking identification errors. ColdScan is the only active method available today to combat fog and condensation on barcode scanners, and is a permanent solution compared to passive anti-fog coatings that can lose effectiveness over time. The LabElite I.D. Reader automatically decodes 2-D barcoded tubes on a wide variety of tube racks, including honeycomb-shaped racks; and also offers automatic rack type detection and optional 1-D barcode reading to support reliability and efficiency in sample tracking.

The LabElite DeCapper/I.D. Capper and LabElite I.D. Reader are robust and time-saving tools for applications such as biobanking, forensics, genomics, drug discovery and life science research.

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Date Published: 5th January 2017

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