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21st November 2017  Content supplied by: Mettler Toledo Rainin, LLC

Integrated Weighing and Sample Processing Provides Lab with 'Irritation-Free' Results

One European chemistry and microbiology test lab sought a comprehensive weighing solution that would maintain quality while saving time and eliminating the error potential inherent in handwritten tracking. METTLER TOLEDO was chosen for its quality products and reputation for providing the expertise necessary to ensure reliable balance operation.

In the cosmetics and body-care world, ensuring a product will not irritate the user’s skin is critical. European test lab Farcos, whose operators handle 300+ samples daily, has learned that the right equipment and data-handling solutions can make its stringent in-house quality control processes irritation-free as well.

The company provides analytical chemistry, safety/efficacy and technical/regulatory assistance to a diverse range of industries. Founded in 1994, its labs ensure sought-after consumer products maintain expected attributes such as look, feel, analytical and microbiological stability, wearability and safety.

Farcos has long prided itself on results surety—particularly in sample testing. However, while its operators offered a wealth of technical skill, Farcos still relied on handwritten transcription and tracking processes developed nearly 20 years ago. Processing took time, hurting productivity.

Additionally, balances that were in use failed to perform reliably. Unscheduled maintenance put more pressure on the lab’s testing schedule, making life stressful for operators. The temptation to perform workarounds to keep tests moving was almost too much for Farcos’ highly-skilled operators to bear.

Today, the company enjoys the efficacy of integrated METTLER TOLEDO balances, label printers and barcode readers, all connected for assured traceability by LabX software. In Farcos’ sample-receiving department, automatically generated barcodes uniquely identify each sample, enabling fast and error-free sample management.

With all-new METTLER TOLEDO equipment, information management has become nearly effortless. All processing has become fast, traceable and compliant, allowing operators to concentrate on helping additional clients instead of dealing with unreliable balances and time-consuming handwritten transcription.

Learn how METTLER TOLEDO balances and accessories, assisted by LabX software, can help create greater accuracy and efficiency in the lab.



Date Published: 21st November 2017

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