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8th July 2019  Content supplied by: World Bioproducts

Improve Your Environmental Monitoring Program

Unexpected Delays?

We’ve Got You Covered

HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth protects your samples for up to 72 hours

While it’s ideal to test samples within 24 hours of collection, there are times when that is just not possible. With HiCap Neutralizing Broth, environmental samples can be held up to 72 hours before starting enrichments, without sacrificing accuracy.

Unlike other collection solutions, HiCap Neutralizing Broth has the ability to maintain the viability of stressed and injured cells for up to 72 hours after collection.

  • Protect the integrity of your environmental samples
  • Avoid costly delays and the need to re-sample
  • Ensure accurate detection of harmful pathogens in your facility

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Date Published: 8th July 2019

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