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15th September 2022  Content supplied by: CHROMagar

Improve Water Testing with AquaCHROM™ ECC

CHROMagar™ was founded by the inventor and pioneer (first patent in 1979) in chromogenic culture media technology, Dr Alain Rambach.

Research-driven and high-tech, CHROMagar™ is leading the innovation in the field of chromogenic culture media technology with an international reach through its worldwide distribution network.

Coliforms are indicators of organic, environmental or faecal contamination. Strict regulations exist, worldwide, for E. coli/coliform presence in water and food samples.

Designed to detect the presence of E. coli and other coliforms in 100 mL samples, AquaCHROM™ ECC is a non-agar based chromogenic medium which contains two chromogens, enabling test results to be read by the naked eye under normal lighting conditions (no need for a UV-lamp).

AquaCHROM™ ECC (Presence/absence and MPN method) has been validated by the AOAC RI under the Performance Tested MethodsSM Program for the analysis of water samples, including: tap water, well water, lake water and bottled water.

This medium is available for two applications:

  • Qualitative: to determine if the sample contains E. coli and/or coliforms shown by the color change green to blue-green for E. coli, yellow for coliforms and colorless for other bacteria, (LOD 1 CFU/ 100mL).
  • Quantitative: it’s possible to enumerate viable E. coli and/or other coliforms in the test sample with MPN method.

The dispenser and the 48-well plate for MPN method can be sterilized by autoclaving after each test to be used again and again!

Today, CHROMagar™ supplies the widest range of dehydrated chromogenic culture media available  including those for clinical bacteriology, food industry, water testing and veterinary microbiology, as well as other applications.

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Date Published: 15th September 2022

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