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19th March 2020  Product update: Hamilton

Hamilton Prioritizes High-Throughput COVID-19 Automated Testing Workstations for US and Europe

Hamilton Company has announced it will prioritize COVID-19 related orders for their two new automated assay ready workstations, as part of their multiple automation-related initiatives to aid healthcare workers and researchers as they battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The two new automated assay ready workstations, based on the Company's Microlab® STARlet liquid handling workstation, facilitate rapid, high-throughput diagnostic and research-based testing of SARS-CoV-2; the coronavirus causes the novel COVID-19.

  • The MagEx STARlet assay ready workstation enables high-throughput magnetic bead-based RNA extraction of biological samples

  • The PCR Prep STARlet assay ready workstation is pre-configured and qualified to automate high-throughput pre-PCR sample setup using the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols

Both assay ready workstations are designed to work with any provider's assay chemistry, including those intended for the qualitative detection of the coronavirus. Once the coronavirus situation stabilizes, the assay ready workstations may be repurposed to provide multi-faceted efficiencies to any number of assay workflows.

The MagEx STARlet and PCR Prep STARlet add to the existing portfolio of assay ready workstations specifically designed to automate molecular biology workflows and viral testing. Other workstations in the family include the NIMBUS® Presto, which integrates the Thermo Scientific™ King Fisher™ Presto purification system for hands-free, high throughput nucleic acid extraction, and the RT STARlet, which is a walkaway solution for real-time PCR sample preparation and detection.   

The Hamilton Company has stated that they will prioritize all incoming orders related to COVID-19 testing and provide rapid delivery of hardware, software, accessories, and consumables which are available from the company's manufacturing locations in Reno, Nevada, USA and Bonaduz, Switzerland. This fast-tracked order processing and delivery, they have introduced, is meant to reduce or eliminate testing delays due to delivery lag times throughout the United States and Europe, where coronavirus testing demands are particularly high.

"Our support of the healthcare community and researchers working to identify, treat, and contain the coronaviruses is our prime priority," said Steve Hamilton, President and CEO of Hamilton Company.

Visit to request immediate contact with a local Hamilton Sales Representative.

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Date Published: 19th March 2020

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