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21st October 2016  Content supplied by: Corning Life Sciences

Gosselin™ Pipette Controller Includes Membrane Filter and Autoclavable Holder

The Gosselin™ Pipette Controller is an innovative battery-powered pipetting aid designed for manual dispensing of 0.5 to 100 mL using glass or plastic pipettes. Easily accessible selection switches allow users to choose from different operation modes depending on the volume of the pipette and the viscosity of the liquid.

The ergonomically sculpted handle guarantees effortless pipetting even during extensive use. For practical storage during utilization, the device is equipped with rest wings.

Key Featured and Benefits include:

• Designed for manual dispensing with fast aspiration • Safety valve and PTFE filters protect against overfilling • Sensitive valves for precise working with low volume pipettes • UV resistant body • Autoclavable pipette holder

The Gosselin Pipet Controller Kit includes everything required to meet your sample preparation and liquid handling needs. The kit includes:

- one pipetting aid - a battery - one PTFE membrane filter 0.2 µm and one PTFE membrane filter 0.45 µm - and one pipette holder

All Gosselin products included in the kits are high-quality and highly-resistant as well as complying with European standards and offer product traceability.


Diagram of Gosselin Pipette Controller 

Ordering Information: Cat. No. - 4099 (This product has now been upgraded to Corning Stripettor Ultra Pippette  Click here for more information. 



Date Published: 21st October 2016

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