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23rd May 2023  Content supplied by: Gold Standard Diagnostics

Gold Standard Diagnostics Launches Microgen® Listeria-ID for the Identification of Listeria

Gold Standard Diagnostics recently launched a new product within its' Microgen® product line: Microgen® Listeria-ID for the identification of Listeria in food and environmental samples. It is a complete identification system with no additional materials required, enabling laboratories to correctly identify and differentiate Listeria spp. species.

Key Benefits:

  • A complete identification system - additional materials not required
  • Enhanced built-in haemolysis test - CAMP test not required
  • Inoculated directly from selective media (no sub-culturing before inoculation)
  • Validated for chromogenic media
  • Substrates included conform to all international standards

To learn more about how to use Microgen® Listeria-ID, watch our video

For more details on the product, please visit the Gold Standard Diagnostics's website or use the Request Information button to contact the company directly.

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Date Published: 23rd May 2023

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