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12th May 2020  Content supplied by: Gemini Bio

Gemini Bio Announces Its Dedicated Effort to Help Support COVID-19 Research

Gemini Bioproducts has announced its effort to help support COVID-19 research by prioritizing products and services to assist its customers in four key areas:

  • cell culture 
  • viral harvesting and transport
  • research tools
  • analytical instruments.

Moxi Go II, an Analytical Instrument:

Gemini carries gold-standard cell and protein analysis instrumentation through its line of Moxi products. The Moxi Go has the potential to enable simultaneous, rapid analysis of antibodies and cytokines tied to COVID-19. The Moxi Go uniquely combines highly accurate and precise cell counting and volumetric sizing with the cell and protein analysis capabilities of a flow cytometer.

The Moxi Go instrument is differentiated by its accuracy, its small footprint for easy deployment, its speed – with tests running in less than 20 seconds – and its ability to calibrate every test independently. The instrument has a touchscreen for easy, intuitive use so that technicians will be able to easily navigate the system menus. Moreover, the instrument is fully self-contained, requiring no cleaning fluids or maintenance, making it ideal for cell culture suites, BSL2/3/4 settings with limited space.

For more information on these solutions, please call +1 800-543-6464. Or use the 'Request Information' button provided below,

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Date Published: 12th May 2020

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