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13th October 2014  Content supplied by: EnviroLogix

Fumonisin Testing Without Ethanol Extraction

EnviroLogix Inc. has another addition to the QuickTox family – the 'Fumonisin Flex'. The new Fumonisin Flex test, a lateral flow membrane strip, offers users the flexibility of testing multiple matrices using water or a water-based buffer as an extraction method, eliminating the additional costs of purchasing and disposing of ethanol. The expanded matrix list includes corn, corn flour, corn germ, corn germ meal, DDGS and sorghum.

Additionally, Fumonisin Flex is designed and calibrated to conform to GIPSA performance criteria. Its features include:

  • Water extraction
  • Test results in 5 minutes
  • Accurate quantification and traceability utilizing the QuickScan System
  • Affordable grain-quality management
  • Industry-leading customer support

The addition of new matrices through extraction method flexibility reflects EnviroLogix’ commitment to the continued success of their customers, by developing new products based on customer feedback and providing the most advanced and versatile testing solutions available.

EnviroLogix was the first company to offer Lateral Flow Device (LFD) technology for mycotoxin screening in grain. The focus on innovation and providing solutions in today's identity-preservation and food-safety environments continued with the introduction of QuickScan, offering the unique advantage of quantifying mycotoxins and GMOs in one PC-based testing system. The simplicity of LFD testing combined with QuickScan’s long-standing reputation for accuracy and traceability means that grain-quality decisions can be made quickly and with complete confidence.

According to Kyle Donovan, Business Unit Manager, "The QuickScan platform has proven to be the industry's most versatile solution for grain handling needs. The addition of a water-based, eco-friendly solution to Fumonisin testing is just another example of EnviroLogix' commitment to providing our customers simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their everyday challenges."

To learn more about Fumonisin Flex or QuickScan, please visit or contact sales at 1-866-408-4597 x3.

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Date Published: 13th October 2014

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