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28th July 2022  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

FDA Clearance for High Throughput Blood Test That Differentiates Bacterial and Viral Infections

The LIAISON® MeMed BV® test is the first fully automated solution, which utilizes host response based data to enable physicians to differentiate accurately between bacterial and viral infections, supporting fast and better-informed treatment and patient management decisions.

The test also drives laboratory operational efficiency through time-labor reduction by using a fully automated and high-throughput approach when compared with traditional growth based microbiology methods.

By relying on the immune response, rather than direct pathogen detection, the LIAISON® MeMed
BV® test complements conventional technologies, providing actionable information and better informed antibiotic and antiviral treatment decisions, allowing for rapid and accurate diagnosis.

The LIAISON® MeMed BV® test expands DiaSorin’s market leading menu of fully-automated, chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA) panels for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and highlights the commitment to develop innovative, fully automated diagnostic solutions, with the aim of optimizing laboratory efficiency and clinical decision-making.

“The launch of the test developed in partnership with MeMed on our extensive U.S. installed base of LIAISON® XL platforms, extends the reach of this solution that is strategic for our future and provides laboratories and clinicians with an innovative diagnostic tool,” said Mr. Carlo Rosa, CEO of DiaSorin.

“The test provides significant clinical value that supports accurate and informed decisions for patients, accelerating their recovery. The MeMed BV assay has the potential to support that critical decision of whether a patient may have a bacterial or viral infection when it is crucial to make a time sensitive treatment decision.”


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Date Published: 28th July 2022

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