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ENTEROTEST ID: 6 Reactions and Motility in One Single Tube

The identification of the Enterobacteriaceae is complicated and has been traditionally based on biochemical and antigenic characteristics. With Enterotest ID, using a method well known by microbiologists worldwide, stabbing the butt and smearing a slant, six biochemical reactions are performed in a simple tube as well as providing bacterial growth for further investigative tests.

Conda Labs Enterotest

The media tube contains two layers and a paper cap for indol determination.

  • Upper layer(3 ml): a butt and a slant with dextrose, ONPG, enrichments, ferrous sulphate, sodium thiosulfate, agar and phenol-red
  • Lower layer (2 ml): semi-solid media, containing urea, enrichments, sodium chloride, agar and phenol-red
  • Paper cap: soaked with a solution of 4-dimethyl-aminobenzaldehyde for the indol test.

6 different reactions and motility:

  • Indol production
  • ONPG (hydrolysis) degradation
  • Glucose fermentation (acidity without gas)
  • Glucose fermentation with CO2 gas formation
  • Hydrogen Sulfide production
  • Urea (hydrolysis) degradation
  • Motility


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Date Published: 29th January 2013

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