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28th February 2023  Content supplied by: INDICAL BIOSCIENCE GmbH

ELISA Antibody Test Helps Surveillance and Vaccine Compliance Testing of Poultry Flocks

Developed for surveillance and vaccine compliance testing, the flocktype AIV Ab (FLI-B 435) is a screening ELISA for specific and sensitive detection of antibodies to Avian Influenza A Virus in serum and plasma samples from poultry, including chicken and turkey.

The flocktype AIV Ab uses a structural protein of AI virus prepared by recombinant technology as the antigen.

Key Features include:

  • 100% sensitivity*
  • 96.8% specificity†
  • User-friendly with ready-to-use, color-coded reagents
  • Full results in 1.5 hours
  • Part of INDICAL‘s broad range of Influenza A identification tools

*n = 104 AIV antibody-positive samples. †n = 432 AIV antibody-negative samples.

INDICAL offer a comprehensive flocktype poultry ELISA portfolio.

  • Reliable, consistent results with excellent sensitivity and specificity
  • Harmonized protocols with ready-to-use reagents and a flexible microplate system
  • Interchangeable reagents for all flocktype assays (Sample Diluent, Wash Buffer, TMB Substrate and Stop Solution)


Availability/distribution: Only available outside the U.S. and Canada


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Date Published: 28th February 2023

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