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4th May 2022  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Don’t Let Dead Cell/Free DNA Haunt You!

Do you analyze heat, high-pressure processed or irradiated samples for foodborne pathogens? Does your facility use phage-based mitigation products? Does your sanitation program rely on strong disinfectants? Theoretically, your samples may contain dead cell/free DNA and we have a solution to help you proactively address potential downstream irregularities.

Let iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution (FDRS) do the work for you

  • Validated: AOAC & AFNOR approvals on a wide variety of food and environmental matrices​
  • Safe: An enzymatic, non-carcinogenic treatment that is cost effective
  • Accurate: Targets only extracellular DNA from dead cells​
  • Easy: A 15-30 min incubation step post-enrichment​
  • High-Throughput: Adapted to the iQ-Check Prep automation platform​
  • Time saver: Reduces time and resources for unnecessary confirmations​

What is the AOAC validated iQ‑Check Free DNA Removal Solution (FDRS)?​​
A great complement to our current iQ‑Check range of methods*, FDRS is an enzymatic solution to remove free DNA from food and environmental samples prior to PCR analysis.​
*FDRS can be used only with iQ‑Check PCR kits​

FDRS versus Propidium Monoazide (PMA) treatment​​​

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Date Published: 4th May 2022

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