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26th May 2014  Content supplied by: EnviroLogix

DNAble Assay for Salmonella in Foods Gets AOAC PTM

The DNAble Detection Assay for Salmonella from EnviroLogix has been certified as a Performance Tested MethodSM (#041404) by the AOAC Research Institute in the following AOAC categories: primary production samples, environmental samples for food or feed production, and pet food and animal feed.

EnviroLogix’ patent-pending DNAble platform uses groundbreaking chemistry to deliver rapid, accurate, and precise test results compared to more traditional molecular test methods, such as PCR and culture.

“DNAble's proprietary isothermal technology is a real game-changer. It eliminates the time-consuming thermocycling step of traditional PCR systems while providing comparable performance,” explains Jennine Cannizzo, Director of Molecular Diagnostics. “One-step enrichment, enabled by extremely robust chemistry, isolates and amplifies Salmonella bacteria in very crude samples without additional purification steps. This directly translates to a significant cost and time savings for the end-user.

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Date Published: 26th May 2014

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