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19th December 2022  Content supplied by: Orum International

"DAILY SHIFT" Aspirating Head Saves Time and Reduces Contamination Risk

The aspirating head of microbial air samplers is an important part of the protocol for Environmental Monitoring (EM) concerning “Risk Management” (RM) and the “Contamination Control Strategy” (CCS).

The sterility of the sampling head is fundamental for a correct EM procedure.

The sterile “DAILY SHIFT” aspirating head with triple irradiated packaging reduces the risk of contamination (and consequent false positive results) and avoids the issue of in-house sterilization certification.

The cost of in-house autoclaving is eliminated. DAILY SHIFT's availability during periods of unusual laboratory heavy workloads, its semi-transparency, enabling the user to see the culture plate inside the spiration chamber, and its reduced risk of false positives make DAILY SHIFT an ideal solution for busy personnel involved in EM.

Ask for “DAILY SHIFT” samples and a copy of the sterilization certificate here or contact the supplier using the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 19th December 2022

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