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17th January 2022  Content supplied by: Romer Labs Division Holding GmbH

CytoQuant® - Immediate Verification of Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures

CytoQuant® from Romer Labs brings the power of flow cytometry to the convenience of a hand-held device. CytoQuant® enables the immediate, on-site verification of cleaning procedures in food production facilities or other areas where hygiene is crucial by directly quantifying bacteria and residues on surfaces.

Using impedance flow cytometry, CytoQuant® measures bacteria and residue concentrations on surfaces. Separate, precise counts for each are provided in 30 seconds, without the need for pre-treatment, incubation, or chemical reagents.

CytoQuant® is easy to use and does not require a lab or special training.

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CytoQuant®: Features and Benefits
  • Direct quantification of bacteria and residues enables proper verification of both cleaning and disinfection procedures (IFS 7.1).
  • Results in 30 seconds allow for preventive control and pre-operational actions.
  • Measurements are not influenced by disinfectants or temperature reducing result variability.
  • Simple test procedure does not require a lab or special training.
  • Simple connectivity allows you to save, export and document test results with ease.

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Date Published: 17th January 2022

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