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16th October 2018  Content supplied by: Corning Gosselin S.A.S. Life Sciences

Corning® Gosselin Dippers Improve your Sample Collection and Storage

Corning Gosselin products provide a range of containers dedicated to sample collection and sample storage across different market applications.

Depending on your needs, the different cap types, product shapes, and colors will allow you to efficiently collect, store, and identify your samples.

The dippers are made for sample collection of liquids. They are individually packed and provided with removable handles.

Key Features

  • Blue Polypropylene (PP) containers to be easily seen in any liquid
  • Easy-to-remove handle to avoid plastic particles
  • Screw cap or hinged cap
  • Sterile Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-3
  • Individually packaged
  • Raw materials are food contact compliant
Product ID Product Description
TAT30C-01  Corning Gosselin dipper, 40 mL, removable handle, blue PP, blue screw cap, sterile,1/pk,250/cs
TAFL1-01 Corning Gosselin dipper, 90 mL, removable handle, blue PP, blue hinged cap, sterile,1/pk,150/cs
TAT52C-01 Corning Gosselin dipper, 125 mL, removable handle, blue PP, blue screw cap, sterile,1/pk,100/cs
TAT53C-01 Corning Gosselin dipper, 180 mL, removable handle, blue PP, blue screw cap, sterile,1/pk,100/cs


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Date Published: 16th October 2018

Source article link: https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2c/US/en/General-Labware/Dippers/Corning%C2%AE-Gosselin%E2%84%A2-Dipper-with-Removable-Handle/p/corningGosselinDipper

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