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Compact Dry™ - Simple, Ready to Use Plating System

This video from Hardy Diagnostics demonstrates the advantages of the Compact Dry™ system for easier microbial testing of food, beverage, meat, cosmetics, and raw materials.

Advantages of the Compact Dry system include:

  • room temperature storage with 18 months shelf life
  • re-hydration by the addition of 1ml of prepared sample
  • no spreading needed as diffusion automatically occurs
  • plates stack easily reducing space required in the incubator
  • after incubation colonies can be easily counted and picked off for subculturing/confirmation

Watch the Compact Dry demo video -

Tests available are: Total Counts, E.coli and Coliforms, Coliforms, Staph aureus and Yeast and Molds.

Tags: Coliforms, Total Counts, Yeasts & Moulds, Staphylococcus aureus, Ready-to-Use Media, Prepared Media

Date Published: January 19, 2015

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