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27th July 2021  Content supplied by: Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation

Compact Dry®, No Media Prep, No Sterilization - Save Time and Money!

CompactDry® is a ready-to-use test method for microbiological testing in food and water laboratories which helps to reduce the labour hours needed to perform microbial testing. Maximising productivity by increasing efficiency.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Ready to use
  • No spreading
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • Easily stackable in incubator
  • Easy identification of presumptive colonies on chromogenic media
  • Wide choice of plates available including Total Counts, E. coli, Listeria sp., Salmonella sp., Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Enterococcus, Enterobacteriaceae, Yeast and Molds.

International Certifications
To ensure reliability, Nissui Pharmaceutical has gained certifications from the AOAC in the U.S. and MicroVal and NordVal in the EU. In Japan, our analytical approaches have been included in the Standard Methods of Analysis in Food Safety Regulation.

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Date Published: 27th July 2021

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