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17th October 2023  Content supplied by: Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation

Colony Counter Global Service @BactLAB™

@BactLAB™ is a free application that counts bacterial colonies cultured on CompactDry™, a ready-to-use dry medium.

This application uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enable quick and easy counting.

You can easily determine the bacterial (colony) count using your smartphone.

Step 1. Take a picture (Smartphone/Digital camera)

Step 2. Upload the image (Smartphone/PC)

Step 3. Colony counting (Automatic calculation)

@BactLAB™ is compatible with CompactDry™
  • CompactDry™ TC (Total Viable Count)
  • CompactDry™ TCR (Total Viable Count rapid)
  • CompactDry™ EC (E.coli/Coliforms)
  • CompactDry™ ECO (E.coli)
  • CompactDry™ CF (Coliforms)
  • CompactDry™ YM (Yeast/Mold)
  • CompactDry™ YMR (Yeast/Mold rapid)
Primary Functions
  • Colony counter [PC / Android / iPhone]
    • Cloud storage function for counting data
  • Count report [email]
  • Uniform management of data by company (*Optional)
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Date Published: 17th October 2023

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