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22nd April 2020  Content supplied by: i-to-i investments

Colloidal-Gold NanoParticles Manufacturer Looking for COVID-19 Immunoassay Partner 

A manufacturer of novel colloidal gold nanoparticles is looking for an industry partner to develop a COVID-19 Immunoassay. 

I:O:I Investments, who are currently based in Hungary, and soon to have its headquarters in the UK, manufacture the nanoparticles to a wide range of sizes, usually between 100-200nm, but do so in a distinctive purple colour.

This purple-coloured crystallised derivate of fulvic acid is called the "Purple of Konth" (named after its inventor and co-founder of I:O:I Investments Dr Zoltan Kontos). It is a stable water-soluble colloidal gold-particle and fully characterized by melting point, FTIR and 13C-NMR spectra. This gold-fulvate retains its special purple colour in all dilution. 

Norbert Bujtas, the co-founder of I:O:I Investments, told that the size of nanoparticles currently used in COVID-19 tests is 40nm and believes a larger gold particle might provide greater accuracy. 

Norbert states that 98.2% of the nanoparticles that i-to-i investments have made are 119.8nm but they can easily change the size of the particles either way. 

I:O:I Investments are looking for a partnership to develop a COVID-19 diagnostics kit, if you are interested please use the 'Request Information' button provided below. 

Alternatively, you can make contact with them by visiting their website:

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Date Published: 22nd April 2020

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