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26th July 2016  Content supplied by: Alpha Diagnostics International

Collect, Store, and Transport Biochemical Samples with TruStrip

Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc. (ADI) has introduced a revolutionary product – TruStrip Sample Transfer System (STS). TruStrip STS technology is a smart, efficient, tamper-proof, and cost-effective strip-based technology for collecting, storing, and transporting specific volumes of biological samples (blood, serum, plasma, urine, proteins, antibodies, DNA, bioanalytical reagents, plant extracts, and chemicals) on pre-calibrated strips without the need for any measuring devices such as a pipette. Individual strips containing samples are air dried and stored in a specially designed TruStrip STS container for long term storage at ambient temperature, 4 C, or -20 C.

Samples collected on TruStrip STS strips can be easily shipped at ambient temperature without the use of refrigeration or dry ice, which prevents expensive shipping costs. The dried samples from the strips can be quantitatively recovered by simple immersion and gentle shaking in water, saline, or any special buffer or solvent. The active sample pad of TruStrip STS strips are available with an optional visible dye stripe that enables the tracking of the sample load and measuring recovery efficiency even if the sample has no color, such as a protein or DNA in colorless buffer or water.

“TruStrip STS technology will prove to be most beneficial for the collection and storage of biological samples from remote locations or field-based sample collection projects,” says Dr. Ali, Scientific Director and President of ADI. Lack of appropriate equipment and facilities to collect and store biological samples is a major challenge in sample collection efforts from remote locations. Conventional methods of sample collection rely upon the use of tubes to store the samples, which requires refrigerated storage and transportation systems in most cases prior to further downstream analysis on the samples. “The ability to collect samples easily in a quantitative fashion on strips instead of tubes without relying upon any measuring device, and store and transport them at ambient temperatures over an extended time frame will be a major aid in global disease management initiatives,” added Dr. Ali.

The patent pending TruStrip STS technology comprises TruStrip strips and TruStrip storage containers. TruStrip strips are available in multiple sample pad volume sizes along with an optional sample tracking dye (STD) applied on the sample pad of the strip. Each strip has a detachable sample pad cover that protects the integrity of the sample stored on the sample pad. In addition, the combinatorial label tags capability on each strip readily provides visible identifiers such as the species from which the sample was collected, type of sample, geographical sample collection site, and other relevant information as needed. The backside of each strip has space for applying barcodes or writing information manually as needed. The TruStrip storage containers are available as 5 detachable chambers in a set and are specifically designed to store and transport individual strips as needed. For further details on TruStrip STS technology and ordering details, please

TruStrip™ is a trademark of Alpha Diagnostic Intl. All products are for research use only (RUO)

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Date Published: 26th July 2016

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