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27th September 2018  Content supplied by: Bertin Technologies

Collect Directly in a Liquid using a High Airflow Rate Biological Air Sampler 

Traditional methods for biological particles sampling used in aerobiology and microbiology are usually based on impaction technology. These methods suffer from limitations, as proliferation is always selective and limited to cultivable microorganisms, and adequate proliferation depends on the quality of the impaction support.

The development of alternative methods such as the cyclonic technology ensures a better collection efficiency of all biological particles, while being compatible with a large range of analysis. Coriolis® µ, developed by Bertin Technologies, offers a high airflow rate combined to an efficient particle collection in 10 minutes. This biological air sampler collects biological particles such as toxins, virus, bacteria, molds, pollens & spores directly in a liquid, ready to be analyzed. This patented technology gives access to highly sensitive and specific results in only a few hours, as it is compatible with all biological standard methods, from microscopy to Culture, PCR, QPCR and even ELISA.

Coriolis® µ, also allows the user to transfer stable samples to the analysis laboratory easily, and to split up the final sample in order to proceed to several analysis, guaranteeing the representativity of the trials by testing the repeatability of the results. Analyzing cultures only allows to count the micro-organisms able to grow on agar dishes. However, some biological particles in the air are not cultivable. With its alternative technique, Coriolis® enables the count of the total flora beyond the limit of cultivability.

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Date Published: 27th September 2018

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