Bertin Instruments

Bertin Technologies’ leading instrumentation activity is represented through the brand Bertin Instruments, dedicated to innovative measurement and sampling for key worldwide markets such as Defense, Security, and Safety, Nuclear Instrumentation and Lab Equipment


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Our instruments allow our customers to measure, sample and detect invisible elements (DNA, gases, ionizing radiation, night-concealed targets, and so on). Our customized sales and R&D approach is based on:

  • a product-specific and customer-centered organization
  • a global presence with a wide network of local partners
  • our teams commitment to provide technological excellence
  • a high level of technical and scientific digital support


Microbiology Product Areas


NOTE: The products listed in this section may not be approved for clinical diagnostic use in your jurisdiction. You must assume these products are unregulated and therefore cannot be used for routine testing and reporting of results unless otherwise stated.
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