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29th July 2019  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

Clear Labs' NGS Food Safety Platform Becomes More Cost Effective with IDT's Oligo Products


Clear Labs  has chosen Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) to be the primary supplier of NGS oligo products for Clear Labs’ groundbreaking automated and intelligent NGS-based food safety platform.

Clear Labs chose IDT’s products because its NGS offering meets the stringent standards for quality, quantity, speed, and performance required to deliver the superior accuracy that it strives for in its testing technologies. One of the key challenges in food safety is being able to assure people that their food is safe to eat, without adding a premium to the cost. Clear Labs operates at the intersection of genomics and food, enabled by next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, which has already revolutionized the consumer genomics market.

Clear Labs’ testing approach is the most accurate and comprehensive test developed for molecular profiling of food and foodborne pathogens. By coupling the first high-throughput, fully integrated sample preparation and sequencing platform with scalable cloud software and real-time analytics, Clear Labs has created the most powerful food indexing engine available today.

In designing its NGS-based food safety platform, Clear Labs wanted to take food safety to the next level by providing in-depth analyses of food products. The technology doesn’t just detect whether food and environmental samples contain pathogens like Salmonella or Listeria, but also provides information on serotypes and strains. Clear Safety, the company’s flagship product, includes a software component, which enables users to visualize contamination incidents on maps of their food plants.  In addition to providing a superior level of analysis, Clear Labs recognized that, for its NGS-platform to be viable, it needed to also be cost-effective. This is where IDT and its commitment to lowering the barriers of time and cost to genomics research comes in.

Taking advantage of IDT’s expertise in designing high-quality and affordable oligos, this collaboration helps provide food producers with fast and high quality food safety testing at a fraction of the cost. It also expands the application of IDT’s NGS products into a new and exciting area.

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Date Published: 29th July 2019

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