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19th February 2018  Content supplied by: Astell

Circular Chamber Autoclaves with Sliding Door Fits Into Smaller Spaces

Sliding door autoclave fits into smaller spaceAstell Scientific is introducing a range of circular chamber sterilizers fitted with sliding doors to complement its comprehensive range of square section models. The new range offers all the features of Astell’s popular front loading ‘Swiftlock’ machines but removes the hinged door, improving access and reducing required floor space.

Available in five chamber sizes, from 120 litres up to 344 litres in capacity, the sliding door circular autoclaves are fitted with ‘heaters in chamber’ as standard – making them suitable for sterilizing common laboratory items such as media/fluids, general waste, empty glassware and unwrapped instruments. A full range of options can be applied to the range to add vacuum, heated jacket and integral steam generator meaning it becomes possible to sterilize more complex loads such as hazardous waste, fabrics and porous items or to customise the machine to your requirements. Custom chamber sizes are available upon request.

A choice of manual or automatic sliding door operation is available with no cost difference; however automatic actuation requires an external air supply or Astell’s integral air compressor option.

There are several advantages to the circular chamber sliding door autoclave range that make them an essential consideration for any laboratory;

  • Generally, circular section pressure vessels are more cost efficient to produce than their square chamber equivalents in small to mid-range capacities.
  • With a sliding door sterilizer the operating space requirements are less than for a front opening design using a hinged door, making loading and unloading a much simpler experience.
  • There is no manual locking mechanism to operate, this being electronically controlled via the standard fitment colour touchscreen controller.
  • Automatic door actuation makes it a simple push of a button the close the door.
  • The autoclave is totally self-contained needing only simple connections to local services.

Astell Spokesperson Dave Thomas comments: “With this update to the sliding door circular chamber range, Astell provides the most comprehensive selection of autoclaves and options on the market. And our decades of experience ensure we will recommend you the best performing solution.”

For more information on the Astell circular section sliding door autoclave range, please visit

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Date Published: 19th February 2018

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