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14th June 2011  Content supplied by: Sigma Aldrich

Chromogenic Media to Detect E. coli O104

Fluka HiCrome EC O157 selective agarOur chromogenic media for E. coli O157 also works for E coli O104 (E. coli strain O104:H4 was the cause of the recent EHEC problem in Germany)!

Fluka 72557HiCrome™ EC O157:H7 Selective Agar Fluka 39894HiCrome™ EC O157:H7 Agar Fluka 80330HiCrome™ Enrichment Broth Base for EC O157:H7

Results can be expected in 18 to 24 hours.

Advantages of chromogenic media:

  • more reliable
  • faster results
  • time saving
  • easy to handle
  • save confirmation steps
  • low costs

Visit our web site and find out more about the Sigma-Aldrich chromogenic media range or visit Sigma-Aldrich's microbiology pages with many interesting topics on microbiology!

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Date Published: 14th June 2011

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