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1st December 2015  Content supplied by: Charm Sciences Inc.

Charm Sciences Opens New Technology Development Centre

Charm Sciences has opened a new 60,000 square foot building to house expanded research and development, high tech manufacturing capabilities, and a food safety training and conference center. Located on Riverside Drive, Andover Mass., ½ mile from Charm headquarters in Lawrence, the new facility allows for future growth.

Current products at the new facility include the Peel Plate tests, which offer easy microbial hygiene verification to its rapid hygiene monitoring and chemical safety portfolio. The Charm Peel Plate tests broadens Charm Sciences' reach as a full service food safety company.

As a Food Safety Conference Center the Charm Riverside location will operate as a central hands on training center offered to customers and professional organizations. Hands on training sessions, invited guest speakers, and Charm’s test kit experience will be transferred to customers and guests.

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Date Published: 1st December 2015

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