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15th December 2011  Content supplied by: 

ceeram Launches Genotyping Service and Genotyping Kits

ceeram Genotyping Service and Genotyping KitsEstablishing the relationships between bacterial isolates is mandatory to reliably identify the source and trace the spread of a specific pathogenic strain.

Ceeram has developed powerful discriminating tools to attribute a molecular identity card to bacterial pathogens. The genotyping procedure is based on the MLVA technology, a PCR typing method that relies on the polymorphism of tandem repeat regions.

This method provides an unambiguous DNA fingerprint, a numeric code sharable on web databases, of a typed isolate, based on its DNA sequence. As part of a quality monitoring control program, this genotyping method provides decision making tools for disease management, outbreak control and bacterial surveillance. The presented automated MLVA method is faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective than other existing genotyping solutions.

ceeramTools typing kits are easy-to-use and convenient to compare genetic patterns for monitoring bacterial epidemiology. MLVA typing kits and services are available for the following harmful pathogens:

We can set up a discriminating MLVA protocol for each of your bacteria of interest.

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Date Published: 15th December 2011

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