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17th October 2017  Content supplied by: Abacus Diagnostica Ltd.

CE Marked GenomEra® Norovirus Test for Stool Specimens

Abacus Diagnostica launches worlds fastest molecular test for detection and differentiation of Norovirus genogroups I and II. GenomEra® Norovirus assay has received CE mark for IVD use and is now available for ordering. For more information please visit our Norovirus product page.  For a special introductory offer please contact your local distributor.

GenomEra® Norovirus assay is rapid and easy to use qualitative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) nucleic acid test for the detection and differentiation of norovirus genogroups I and II from raw or unpreserved unformed stool specimens or Copan eSwab preserved stool specimens. The assay requires less than one minute of hands-on-time per sample and results can be obtained in 70 minutes.

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Date Published: 17th October 2017

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