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21st March 2022  Content supplied by: CD Genomics

CD Genomics Offers Oxford Nanopore Sequencing to Facilitate Microbial Research

CD Genomics is one of the top genomics service providers in genomic research, devoting to providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academia and government agencies. With its next-generation sequencing and third-generation sequencing platforms, CD Genomics can provide a wide range of services, such as genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and epigenomics sequencing.

Bacterial whole-genome sequencing has become a method for exploring microbiological problems and has been widely used in many fields such as bacterial epidemiology, vaccine development, and microbial evolution. “Next-generation sequencing technology can measure a great many short-read sequences at the same time, and finally splice small fragments into long sequences through bioinformatics analysis," said the chief scientist of CD Genomics. "On the other hand, the third-generation sequencing greatly increases the read length of sequencing, which can reach about 10 kb, and can be directly sequenced without PCR amplification. However, the third-generation sequencing technology relies on the activity of DNA polymerase, and the cost is comparatively high. The current error rate is 15%-40%, which is much higher than that of the second-generation sequencing. But fortunately, the errors of the third-generation are completely random and can be corrected by coverage,” he continued, “researchers can choose the suitable sequencing method according to their needs."

Researchers from TU Dortmund University isolated a strain of Streptomyces albus from sunflower seed hulls. To study its effect on the growth of sunflower seed hulls, they sequenced the full-length genome of the strain Streptomyces albus CAS922. Genome sequencing was executed by CD Genomics (New York, NY, USA) using the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platform. The researchers said "the fully sequenced genome of Streptomyces albus CAS922 harbors a multitude of genes for carbohydrate-active enzymes, which likely facilitate growth on lignocellulosic biomass. Furthermore, the presence of 27 predicted biosynthetic gene clusters indicates a significant potential to produce bioactive secondary metabolites. And third-generation sequencing is a good solution, which is extremely competent for the task of full-length genome sequencing."

Features of CD Genomics’ Microbial Genome Sequencing Services:

  1. Multiple platforms to choose from
  2. The turn-around time is short and high-quality data is guaranteed
  3. Mature microbial genome analysis platform
  4. Professional bioinformatics analysis team

"Our philosophy is to accelerate the development of the biotechnology industry towards breakthrough discoveries. And our goal is to bring the most reliable genome sequencing technology to our customers. For many years, CD Genomics has been committed to providing comprehensive sequencing and analysis services to research institutions and biotechnology companies, " said Dianna, Marketing Manager of CD Genomics.

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Date Published: 21st March 2022

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