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10th November 2021  Content supplied by: nanoComposix

Bulk Gold Nanoparticle Production for Minimized Manufacturing Risk

As one of the world’s largest gold nanoparticle manufacturers, NanoComposix supplies batches of colloidal gold for lateral flow assays at very large scales in high concentrations. Our proprietary process ensures multi-year stability of the particles and consistent size distribution, so your assays will be more robust and reproducible.

Now you can reduce the need to constantly order more batches and minimize the time and risk associated with handling and storing multiple lots throughout production.

Get Access to Highest Quality

  • We provide an extensive characterization sheet to help you ensure that each lot meets the specification. Download here.
  • We measure the mass concentration of the gold (not just the optical density), allowing you to accurately calculate the binding surface area, which is important for optimizing antibody loading.
  • Large lots combined with multi-year stability pave the way to minimize manufacturing risk.

Learn more about our bulk production capabilities here or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 10th November 2021

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