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17th June 2014  Content supplied by: BD Diagnostic Systems

Blood Culture Data Management for Low-Volume Labs

The BD BACTEC™ FX40 Blood Culture Instrument now communicates with the BD EpiCenter™ Data Management System, enabling Laboratory Information System connectivity and Blood Volume Monitoring.

BD Diagnostics have launched the BD BACTEC™ FX40 Blood Culture System with connectivity to the BD EpiCenter™ Microbiology Data Management System. This communication enables access to advanced reporting capabilities, connectivity to the hospital’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) and access to the unique BD Blood Volume Monitoring Software.

Introduced in August 2013, the BD BACTEC FX40 Blood Culture System offers low-volume clinical laboratories the same state-of-the-art workflow and performance of the BD BACTEC FX blood culture system, with BD’s exclusive vial-activated workflow. Communication with the BD EpiCenter Data Management System also provides access to the unique BD BACTEC Blood Volume Monitoring Software. This software offers automatic measurement and reporting of blood volume averages in BD BACTEC Plus Aerobic/F media bottles for patient populations. The ability to automatically track blood volumes gives laboratory professionals the confidence and ability to provide quality blood culture testing while improving their effectiveness in detecting bacteria, yeast and fungi in blood. A variety of reports can be generated to track, display and communicate average blood volumes collected from across the hospital or by a specific phlebotomist.

The BD BACTEC Blood Culture System is a fully automated microbiology growth and detection system designed to detect microbial growth from blood specimens. The BD BACTEC FX40 Instrument with connectivity to the BD EpiCenter Data Management System represents one of several new advancements in the blood culture arena for BD Diagnostics, a leader in blood culture solutions for more than 25 years. The BACTEC FX and the BD BACTEC™ 9000 families of continuous monitoring blood culturing instruments offer performance, safety, reliability, ease of use, media quality and service to meet the needs of today’s top clinical laboratories.



Date Published: 17th June 2014

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