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6th March 2018  Content supplied by: BioVision, Inc.

BioVision's New Microbiology Staining Kits!

Stains and reagents for microbiologyBioVision has introduced numerous staining kits and reagents for pathology including the bacterial staining kits namely

  • Acid-Fast bacteria stain kit
  • Fite's stain kit
  • Gram stain kit
  • Mucicarmine staining kit for staining mucins
  • Wright-Giemsa stain kit for differential staining of blood smears
  • and many more staining kits and reagents.

These special staining kits are intended for use in the histological visualization of organisms, cell types, structures in tissue sections, cell smears etc. These kits play a critical role is tissue or cell-based diagnosis or research. Additionally, BioVision offers many routine counterstains, kits and reagents including hematoxylin, eosin, modified silver stain etc.

Photo shows staining using A. Acid Fast Bacteria stain B. Fite’s stain kit. C. Mucicarmi stain kit


  • Histological Applications
  • For in vitro Diagnostic Use only

Key Features:

  • Rapid procedure
  • Many staining options to choose from
  • Can be used on fixed paraffin embedded, formalin fixed, frozen tissue sections or cell smears

For complete list of products visit: www.biovision.com


Date Published: 6th March 2018

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