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10th April 2017  Content supplied by: BioFront Technologies

BioFront Technologies Announces US Proficiency Testing Partnership with Fera

Fera Science has appointed BioFront Technologies as its US agent for its proficiency testing service, Fapas. These services and products include an extensive range of matrix-matched reference materials as well as the comprehensive proficiency testing portfolio.

The partnership will mean that US customers of Fera will be able to order their Fapas proficiency testing samples and other services directly from BioFront Technologies, helping to ensure laboratories have access to consistent proficiency testing and enhancing BioFront’s Food Allergen offer and its customer service. The services and products available as a result of this exciting new partnership will enable testing laboratories across the globe to assess analytical performance of food, water and environmental chemistry, GMOs and microbiology. They also aid with calibrating instrumentation, determining food fraud, assisting with new analyst training, validating standard and non-standard methods, and ultimately supporting laboratory accreditation programs such as ISO/IEC 17025/2005.

Kate Somerwill-Owens, head of Fapas for Fera Science, said: “Fera Science analyses over 90,000 samples a year at our laboratories in York, and our ‘real food’ samples ensure the most accurate and ‘life-like’ proficiency testing results. We are very excited to partnering with BioFront due to their expertise in food allergen testing, making this partnership a great step forward for both organizations. For our US customers, this will make it easier for them to access our reference materials and services.”

Jason Robotham Ph. D, president of BioFront, said: “The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act will soon mandate that certain food testing must be carried out by accredited laboratories; so this collaboration with Fera introducing the Fapas brand is very timely. It will be invaluable in helping us meet our commitment to provide the highest quality standards and confidence in analytical performance.”

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Date Published: 10th April 2017

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