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19th November 2018  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Clinical Diagnostics)

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panels Gain FDA clearance and CE Marking

bioMérieux have announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance of the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panel and the CE-Mark of the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panel plus. The BIOFIRE®  FILMARRAY®Pneumonia Panels aid in the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections.

bioMérieux’s molecular biology affiliate, BioFire Diagnostics, builds upon its 25 years of molecular diagnostics expertise with the development of its most advanced panels to date, the BIOFIRE®FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panels. The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panel identifies 33 targets in sputum (including endotracheal aspirate) and bronchoalveolar lavage (including mini-BAL) sample types. The target list includes: 18 bacteria, 8 viruses and 7 antimicrobial resistance genes. The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia Panel plus includes the same targets with the addition of the MERS-CoV emergent virus.

These two innovative panels report results in semi-quantitative levels for 15 bacteria which may help clinicians to differentiate colonization from true invasive infection. It is the first time the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® System has utilized its real-time PCR quantification capabilities, and the first time the FDA has cleared a semi-quantitative multiplex panel.

BIOFIRE® tests enable a molecular syndromic approach – simultaneously testing for the most likely organisms that cause a similar set of signs and symptoms. The BIOFIRE® Pneumonia Panels bring fast, accurate, and comprehensive syndromic testing to lower respiratory tract infections and complement the existing portfolio of BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Respiratory Panels to offer a comprehensive diagnostic solution for respiratory infections. Results for the Pneumonia Panels are available in approximately 1 hour in the totally automated BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY®system, with only a few minutes of hands-on time.

Blake Buchan, PhD, Associate Director Clinical Microbiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, was a principal investigator on the BIOFIRE® Pneumonia Panel clinical study. Dr. Buchan said: “Pneumonia patients are often treated empirically with broad spectrum antibiotic therapy. Syndromic molecular panels can identify pathogens in lower respiratory tract infections quickly and reliably. These tools will empower stewardship efforts and help patients avoid unnecessary antibiotics. In our research with the syndromic panel, we found that up to ~60%i of patients could have had their empiric therapy altered by the result.”

Randy Rasmussen, CEO of BioFire Diagnostics and Executive VP Molecular Biology of bioMérieux, said: “Pneumonia is one of the most common reasons patients go to the hospital, yet the underlying cause of the infection is frequently not identified. This leads to over-treatment of the patient and overuse of antibiotics. This new panel illustrates our commitment to serve public health allowing targeted, effective treatment of a patient’s pneumonia.”

The BIOFIRE® Pneumonia Panels are compatible with all existing BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY®Instruments including the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY®, BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® 2.0, and BIOFIRE®FILMARRAY® Torch Systems. bioMérieux plans to make its BIOFIRE® Pneumonia Panel commercially available in the U.S. and E.U. next month.

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Date Published: 19th November 2018

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