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27th July 2017  Content supplied by: INNOVAPREP

Beer Spoilage Testing and Results in the Same Shift

Concentration step for beer spoilage organismsBeer spoilage organisms and contamination present a major risk for the brewing industry. As such, microbiological testing for these organisms is necessary throughout the brewing process. However, most laboratories still use conventional cultivation methods, which are time-consuming – requiring 3 to 5 days for beer to be released to the market. Rapid microbiological analytical methods offer great potential for increasing the reliability of spoilage detection in beer while reducing labor costs and product hold times; however, small analysis volumes limit the usefulness of these methods.

To fully realize the promise of rapid analytical methods, new rapid sample prep technologies will also need to be adopted without adding complexity.

InnovaPrep® has developed innovative technologies for front-end concentration of microorganisms, including spoilers, from a wide range of sample types, including beer, juice, and wine.  The technology applies to monitoring contamination in product as well as in the production environment for same shift analysis using RMM’s.

A Beer White Paper is available that describes how the InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette was investigated as a bridge to rapidly concentrate 12 ounces (355 mL) of beer into volumes more appropriate for rapid detection methods. An Application Note is also available.

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Date Published: 27th July 2017

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