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27th May 2014  Content supplied by: BD Diagnostic Systems

First BD Kiestra™ TLA Fully Automated Microbiology Lab System in Canada

Island Health’s Royal Jubilee Hospital will install BD's Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation (TLA) system by the 4th quarter of 2014, making it the first Regional Health Authority in Canada to implement the system. The BD Kiestra TLA system is designed to streamline the entire microbiology testing process and shorten the time to results, enabling clinicians faster access to diagnostic information.

The BD Kiestra TLA system automates the manual processes associated with inoculating and incubating microbiology specimens. The system generates digital images to help shorten the time to identify bacterial growth. The opportunities for increased efficiency and quality improvements associated with automation aid in faster delivery of more accurate results to provide optimal patient care. In addition, laboratory staff is able to devote more time to analytical and value-added tasks.

BD has installed a base of BD Kiestra TLA instruments at public hospitals, universities, and privately owned laboratories in more than 14 countries worldwide since their introduction in 2006. The BD Kiestra TLA system was launched in North America in 2013.



Date Published: 27th May 2014

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