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7th April 2020  Content supplied by: The Baker Company

Baker Ruskinn Announces a New Partnership with Labtech as its Full UK Sales and Service Partner

As pioneers of anaerobic and physiological oxygen workstations along with revolutionary portable platforms, it’s crucial that the UK partnership with Labtech not only supports the ground-breaking tools but also the wide range of industries served by Baker Ruskinn. 

Similar to Baker Ruskinn, Labtech was founded in the 1990s and has decades of experience. Labtech aims to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with both suppliers and customers.

With a proven track record of bringing cutting-edge, innovative products to the UK market and establishing them as market leaders, Labtech will be responsible for all Baker Ruskinn product lines in the UK. 

Labtech’s chairman, Dr. Brian Page, said “We are delighted to be working with Baker Ruskinn to bring such a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products for Anaerobe Microbiology and Cell Biology to UK Science. It is good to work with a British company which has such high levels of expertise in this field.”

Baker Ruskinn (formerly Ruskinn Technology Ltd) has pioneered many breakthrough technologies for science since the company was founded in 1993 by Andrew Skinn. The novel Anaerobic workstations became global leaders in Microbiology by 2000.

The first Hypoxia workstation was developed in 1999 with the University of Oxford for Sir Peter Ratcliffe and his eminent team. His discoveries in this field were recognised with the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 2019 for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.

In 2011, Ruskinn joined forces with The Baker Company (inventor of the world’s first Biological Safety Cabinet). Continuing investment means that in 2020, Baker Ruskinn has a host of new innovative solutions for Cell Biology and Microbiology.

Samir Patel, Baker Ruskinn’s Global Sales Director, said “We are very pleased to be working with Labtech. Their technical specialists and field service engineers will provide our customers with an additional level of service.”

It’s clear that exceptional minds need exceptional tools and that’s why Baker Ruskinn continues to bring innovative new toolsets to the market, now with UK support from Labtech. 

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Date Published: 7th April 2020

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