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30th June 2014  Content supplied by: Porvair

Automation Compatible 10ml Microplates

Porvair Sciences 24-well deep well plates permit  users to simply undertake multiple, high volume (10ml / well) experiments in a single unit maximising both productivity and  operational flexibility.

The 24-well plates are constructed of high grade, low extractable polypropylene, which imparts excellent temperature and  chemical resistance making them the perfect tool for applications including  serial dilution, mixing, reaction chemistry and cell culture growth. The  wells are square with a conical base to optimise sample concentration and  recovery.

The plate dimensions are precisely manufactured to  SLAS/ANSI specifications making them compatible with automated liquid handling  systems and other robotic sample processing equipment. To enable easy sampling  access whilst maintaining sample integrity - Porvair high-volume deep well  plates may be securely sealed with a Santaprene™ piercable seal. The plates are  also easily stackable economising valuable space in low temperature storage  (-80C).

For further information please contact Porvair Sciences on  +44-1978-666239.



Date Published: 30th June 2014

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