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31st July 2012  Content supplied by: PerkinElmer Life Sciences

Asset Genius™ Informatics Solution Optimizes Laboratory Equipment Utilization

PerkinElmer launches the Asset Genius™, an informatics-based business intelligence solution. Asset Genius enables laboratories to make effective decisions on how laboratory assets are deployed, utilized and managed throughout their lifecycle, and helps scientists achieve improved productivity from their instruments.

"One of the greatest challenges faced by laboratories is gaining a clear picture and understanding of how lab assets are deployed and utilized. This type of information is essential to drive asset optimization for increased scientific throughput, better cost certainty and increasing overall optimization of laboratory operations," said Michael Stapleton, General Manager, Informatics, PerkinElmer. "The Asset Genius platform offers a real-time solution for finding and presenting the data and analysis needed to make effective decisions to gain efficiencies and drive business outcomes."

The Asset Genius platform delivers information that management and laboratory leaders can apply to make insightful, informed, data-driven decisions on asset deployment, utilization and lab operations planning.

Procurement can apply utilization data to better evaluate the need for purchases of new assets and evaluate potential cost optimization opportunities by identifying and redeploying underutilized assets.

Utilization data can be applied to establish maintenance and calibration plans that are based on usage rather than a recommended time frame, potentially reducing operating expenses without impacting the quality of the results.

Instrument data is captured directly, with no disruption to workflows, and with no user intervention required. The system automatically collects detailed real-time utilization data from any networked laboratory instrument, regardless of the vendor, from simple instruments such as balances to sophisticated instruments with their own data systems such as chromatography data systems. The Asset Genius platform also addresses non-networked instruments by allowing usage information to be collected manually through an easy to use, integrated e-form.

The Asset Genius system can aggregate all instrument data into analysis and visualization reports that provide enterprise-wide insight into utilization metrics. Using Asset Genius´ pre-configured suite of reports, scientific and operations leaders can drill-down through the data and quickly identify key performance and utilization metrics (e.g., the number of samples run, the number of injections or methods used, which project a particular asset is focused on, asset errors, etc.). Visually enhanced business intelligence reports, charts and dashboards provide instant insight into utilization trends and comparative analyses that can drive decisions on how to better optimize assets throughout the organization.


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Date Published: 31st July 2012

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