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20th February 2020  Editorial by: Paul Carton

Ares Genetics AMR Database Supports New NGS-Based AST

An antibiotic-resistance marker (AMR) database that was initially set up by Siemens and expanded by Ares Genetics has been used in the development of Ares Genetics  ARESupa Universal Pathegenome Assay; a new AI-powered antibiotic susceptibility test (AST). 

The database, which when under Siemens control was named GEAR (Genetic Antibiotic Resistance and Susceptibility Test), and was then acquired from them and developed into ARESdb, contains whole-genome data on 40,000 clinical bacterial isolates and has AST information for 100 different antibiotics. With this expansive database and the ARESupa Universal Pathegenome Assay ability to handle high-throughput molecular data, it can identify resistance genes and pathogens and also possesses the skill of predicting antibiotic susceptibility. 

In September 2018 Ares started the development of the ARESupa Universal Pathogenome Assay, a single diagnostic test designed to detect any pathogen and associated drug resistances from any native patient sample. As engineering and in-silico assay design further advanced, the TRIPLE-A project funded by the Vienna Business Agency developed a laboratory prototype of ARESupa.  Ares Genetics then set up ARESlab, a dedicated R&D and diagnostic service laboratory in Vienna, Austria, for in-house test development and initial commercialization in Europe.

In January 2019, Ares Genetics GmbH received funding from the Vienna Business Agency for the development of a prototype solution for the rapid, Next-Generation Sequencing-based diagnosis of pathogens and associated antibiotic resistances for patients suffering from severe infections. The total volume of the 2.5-year TRIPLE-A (Assay Development and Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Antibiotic-Resistant Infections) development project amounted to EUR 1.3 million.

By 2019 Ares Genetics was contracted for and received orders amounting to more than EUR 2 million for ARESupa. 

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Date Published: 20th February 2020

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