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21st April 2015  Content supplied by: Tecan Group Ltd.

Application Guide for Tecan Plate Washers

Tecan’s recently published Application guide for Tecan plate washers puts information at your fingertips, allowing users of its popular HydroSpeed™ and HydroFlex™ instruments to optimize their assays more easily and simply. Whether you are performing ELISAs, vacuum filtration, magnetic bead- or cell-based assays, the guide contains everything you need to know about Tecan washers.

The guide includes an overview of the features and highlights of each instrument – for example extra gentle cell washing with the HydroSpeed’s Cell Protection™ function – enabling users to select the most appropriate system for their particular application, as well as references to supporting literature and application notes. Instant access to all the knowledge required to precisely control critical wash parameters – such as vacuum power, aspiration position, and dispensing rates and positions – helps users to improve assay consistency by avoiding detachment of cells, beads and antibodies during wash steps. The Application guide for Tecan plate washers contains such a wealth of essential information that it is sure to prove invaluable in the laboratory.

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Date Published: 21st April 2015

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