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16th October 2012  Content supplied by: 

AOAC-RI for Roka Salmonella Detection in 10 Additional Food Matrices

Roka Bioscience announce that its Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay has received AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM Certification (PTM #031201) from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) for 10 additional food matrices. These matrices include frozen raw ground beef (375 g), raw ground turkey, cooked deli chicken (325 g), romaine lettuce (375 g), tomatoes, black pepper, dry pasta, dry pet food, soy flour, and shell eggs (100 g). This is further validation for the assay, which originally received AOAC-PTM certification in March of this year.

This matrix extension brings the total number to 22 food and 3 environmental validated matrices for the assay, including composite levels of samples and some of the more problematic matrices in the Food Safety Industry. The Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay combined with the fully automated Atlas System provides an accurate, reliable result with improved laboratory efficiencies.

"The Atlas System provides an incredibly easy-to-use, powerful platform for detecting Salmonella, an important food pathogen," stated AJ McCardell, SVP of Commercial Operations for Roka Bioscience. "The addition of these matrices further extends applications of the Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay and the Atlas System, giving laboratories even more testing options."


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Date Published: 16th October 2012

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