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4th March 2024  Content supplied by: PCR Biosystems

Achieve Precision Quantification in Every Reaction With qPCRBIO SyGreen® Mixes

qPCRBIO SyGreen® Mixes from PCR Biosystems offer market-leading performance for dye-based qPCR applications, offering microbiologists a range of pack sizes and variations that are suitable for all workflows.

qPCRBIO SyGreen® Mix is available as a standard dye-based qPCR mix that can easily replace any SYBR or Eva-Green dye-based qPCR reagent. qPCRBIO SyGreen® Blue Mix offers the same range of features, while also including an inert blue dye for easy sample visualisation, which makes it ideal for high-throughput workflows or for manual setup of multiple qPCR plates. Finally, for researchers primarily interested in gene expression, qPCRBIO SyGreen® 1-Step Kits enable rapid experimental setup and sensitive expression analysis without the need for a separate, costly, and laborious cDNA synthesis step.

Key Features:

  • High Sensitivity & Specificity: Ensures reliable DNA quantification including genomic, cDNA, and viral sequences.
  • Rapid Extension Rate: Facilitates early Ct values, improving low copy number target detection.
  • Complex Template Compatibility: Specific amplification from GC-rich sequences without PCR inhibition.
  • Variants Available for flexibility: Includes SyGreen Blue Mix for visibility during pipetting and 1-Step Kits for RNA amplification.
  • Broad Instrument Compatibility: Usable across standard and fast cycling real-time PCR machines and for all passive reference dye requirements.


What are the benefits to the end-user?

  • High sensitivity ensures accurate DNA quantification across various sequences, crucial for accurate diagnostics and research, and is ideal for complex samples with potentially low-abundance species.
  • Rapid extension rates enable quicker detection for low-copy number targets, making these mixes ideal when testing samples with scarce genetic material
  • Suitability for challenging templates also means that targets or species with complex sequences will be amplified in an unbiased manner and hence provide more accurate information.
  • Variety of product formulations ensures that all experimental requirements are easily met so that you can focus exclusively on experimental design without worrying about practical implementation.
  • While broad instrument compatibility ensures these reagents can be seamlessly integrated into existing laboratory workflows, maximising resource utilisation.

If you want to test this product in your workflow, request a free sample to try here or get in touch with our team using the green "Request Information" button below to learn more about how this product can benefit your research.

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Date Published: 4th March 2024

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