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14th November 2023  Content supplied by: Expression Systems

Chemically Defined Insect Cell Culture Medium Delivers Superior Protein Expression

Expression Systems, an Advancion company, has introduced a new, chemically defined insect cell culture medium that offers exceptional performance while improving the consistency and efficiency of gene therapy and other biologics manufacturing processes.

ESF AdvanCD™ chemically defined insect cell culture medium is a proprietary formulation manufactured exclusively by Expression Systems, a leading global provider of specialty cell culture media formulations, cell lines, and contract services for the baculovirus expression platform. The ESF AdvanCD cell culture medium supports scalable baculovirus infection and protein expression in Spodoptera and Trichoplusia cell lines.

"ESF AdvanCD cell culture medium is the next generation of Expression Systems' best-in-class products for developing and producing advanced therapies leveraging the productivity advantages of the BEVS platform," said Dr. Thera Mulvania, President, of Expression Systems. "ESF AdvanCD enables exceptional Sf9 growth and viability, and we see up to double the capacity for cell growth compared to other commercially available media, depending on your construct and culturing conditions."  

ESF AdvanCD cell culture medium is offered as a ready-to-use liquid formulation with no supplementation required. The formulation is adapted for use with Expression Systems' Sf9 RV-Free rhabdovirus negative cell line for a fully compliant manufacturing platform. The ESF AdvanCD cell culture medium is manufactured by Expression Systems in compliance with 21 CFR 820 cGMP guidelines and produced in an ISO 13485-certified facility. Expression Systems also offers custom manufacturing services and process expertise to help optimize performance in individual customer applications.

Promo packs are now available for evaluation and include four one-liter bottles of ESF AdvanCD cell culture medium, one 20-ml bottle of VSA (Virus Stabilization Additive), and one vial of co-developed Sf9 cells.

For more information on Expression Systems' products and services, click here or use the Request Information button.

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Date Published: 14th November 2023

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